Helping you to find freedom from anxiety, stress and overwhelm so that you have the clarity to move forward with your life

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Would You Like To Improve Your Relationship, Career And Finances? 

Are you feeling stressed? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by life? Does part of you want to move forward and the other part is afraid? Would you like help?

Allow me to help you by first identifying what is keeping you stuck. Sometimes it may be a limiting belief, other times it may be a pattern of behaviour. Together we can release whatever it is that's holding you back. We can also find out the best way of doing this, whether it's a Kinesiology session, a QTT session or some healing

Maybe you would like to learn tools and techniques that you can use for yourself, that are taught on my Letting Go Course. Whatever way you choose, it will be a great honour to help you to open up to new way of thinking and being. Although, I am based in Dublin, sessions can be done in person or online.

Contact me Rosaleen at 0876941426

You've invested in your career, Your children, your partner and your home, now is the time to invest in YOU!

Why Book A Session? 


You will be guided to release limiting patterns and behaviours that are keeping you feeling stuck


You will learn tools and techniques to empower you so that you can manage your feelings going forward


You will receive guidance so that you can have more clarity about your next step


You will become more focused so that you know what you’re looking for


You will become the best version of your fabulous Self

Rosaleen Dunphy Testimonial

Thank you Rosaleen for yesterday.

I woke up anxiety free for the first time in my life!!

You are amazing!



Rosaleen Dunphy Testimonial

Struggling with lack of energy, stress and arthritic pain when I was gifted a session with Rosaleen.

A Massage I thought.

Boy was it so much more!!!

I came out so calm, energised and feeling light as a feather.



Rosaleen Dunphy Testimonial

I still don't really understand how it works but after a few sessions I have moved on in so many areas of my life both personally and in business, I have to question why I waited so long.