Letting Go - 6 Week Course

50 CPD Points awarded for this course

Letting Go 6 Week Course date: TBD

When is the last time that you really listened to yourself?

If you're anything like me, you might find that life gets in the way.

Do you notice that you often repeat the same patterns of behaviour and habits and you expect to find a different outcome? 

Albert Einstein famously said 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results'.

I have created a 6 week "Letting Go" course to help you release unwanted behaviours, habits and deep rooted emotional energy that is holding you back.

By doing the the "Letting Go' course, you will learn how to connect to your inner power so you can really listen to yourself and find love, joy and peace.

Lots of people are feeling the benefits of the "Letting Go' course. Just read the genuine testimonials below to learn how it has benefitted some to the attendees of the "Letting Go' course.

Would you like to learn how to change these limiting beliefs and feelings?

Join me in September online for 6 wonderful evenings.

There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be homework and most of all, there will be change.

Contact me Rosaleen Dunphy to book your place: 0876941426

"I loved and learned so much"

Rosaleen, I can't thank you enough for your six week 'Letting Go' course. I loved it and learned so much. I'm years reading books on how to release negative emotions and you have simplified the process in this course by sharing and practising so many useful techniques. Your teaching style is warm, inclusive and non-judgemental. I will miss our weekly gathering. 


"I have already felt the positive effects it has on me and my family"

Rosaleen is one of the kindest, genuine, non judgemental people I have met. I have just completed a 6 week 'letting go course' which I would highly recommend to anyone. I was unsure why I was doing the course but it soon became evident once I started, why I was there. She has given me many tools to use throughout my life. I have already felt the positive effects it has had on me and my family.


"Helping me to lift myself out of ruminating and recurring negative thoughts"

I highly recommend Rosaleen's 'Letting Go' course. Rosaleen creates a warm, supportive space, where you can share as much or as little, as it is right for you. I have learned tools and techniques that have been so useful in helping me to lift myself out of ruminating and recurring negative thoughts. I now have a lovely sense of peace, and even on days that are not going so well, I know that I'm safe and that everything will be ok. I'm so grateful to Rosaleen and the people I met on the course for an amazing experience.


Most grateful to have completed this course.

I did Rosaleen's 6 week 'Letting Go' course. It was a wonderful place to take time for yourself, to learn simple and effective techniques that can be used everyday to keep you grounded, reduce anxiety, improve your mood and create an easier flow in your life and so much more. Most grateful to have completed this course.


"It really has surpassed my expectations"

I have recently completed Rosaleen's 6 week letting go course. It really has surpassed my expectations. I was completely blown away by this course. I have attended a lot of different workshops and courses over the years but this one is so unique. It was a beautiful relaxed atmosphere and it was such a lovely group of like minded people. We learnt so many techniques and tools to use week by week in our daily life. Rosaleen is such a genuine person and very passionate about her work which really shows in the way Rosaleen teaches the course. It is very much a self empowering and transformative course. I have already had so many positive results since using these techniques. I would highly recommend the letting go course as it is truly amazing.


It was practical, powerful and uplifting..

I loved this 6 week course on various ways to release stuck energy. It was practical, powerful and uplifting. I came away with techniques that are easy to use and with really positive results. 


"Blown away by the simplicity and results"

The Letting go Course has been huge boost to my ability and confidence to practice different methods of clearing and releasing. I overcame an irrational fear that was causing huge distress and have noticed a great improvement in health issues I've had for many years. I have already recommended this course and used some of the techniques to help others who were blown away by the simplicity and results.

G Mc.H

I can honestly say it was the best investment in myself...

I have recently attended Rosaleen's 'Letting Go' course and I can honestly say it was the best investment in myself. The tools and techniques we used over the 6 weeks have been amazing.I feel more relaxed, grounded and more confident in myself. I can highly recommend the 'Letting Go' course. It was a pleasure to meet such like minded people. I throughly enjoyed the 6 weeks.


"Give yourself the gift of looking after you..."

Just do it! Having done a lot of personal work and healing thingys over the years tbh I was in two minds re Rosaleens 6 weeks to 'Letting Go' course as I thought ah it’s just another thing and sure I do lots of this 'stuff' anyway and what can I really get out of it! Well, I was wrong! 

Rosaleens 6 week program is second to none and I don’t know of anything else like it here in Ireland. The support, knowledge, fun, tears, notes, togetherness, understanding, deep relaxation, etc is just amazing and transformative. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, grieving (was my main reason for going as my mam had died and also trying to deal with family issues), alone, traumatised, or need support in any area of your life and want to move things on gently then I highly highly recommend this. 

You don’t have to talk if you don’t wish to, it’s not talk therapy, it’s a combination of different modalities and is truly wonderful, life enhancing and changing. Give yourself the gift of looking after you.