Here is what some of my satisfied clients have to say...

I was feeling overwhelmed!

I took a QTT consultation with Rosaleen as was getting very stuck as to how to move forward in my business and manage my time effectively.  I was feeling overwhelmed as to which way to propel my business forward and Rosaleen really helped me by showing me how to ground myself, release some negative emotions and she did a belief change to help me believe I could move forward in an area I could enjoy. 

I found Rosaleen very intuitive and had a great understanding of me as I spoke with her and she listened very carefully and was really able to help me move myself and my business forward.


Thank you Rosaleen for yesterday.

I woke up anxiety free for the first time in my life!!

You are amazing!

CGK //  Client

I would highly recommend Rosaleen to anybody...

When I think of Rosaleen, GRATEFUL is the word that comes to mind.

Struggling with lack of energy, stress and arthritic pain,

I was gifted a session with Rosaleen.

A Massage I thought.  Boy was it so much more!!!

I came out so calm, energised and feeling light as a feather.

I go to Rosaleen regularly. She has thought me so much about QTT and healing oneself and so much more. She is an extraordinary woman.  She heals physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’m so very GRATEFUL to have met her.

JMQ  //  Client

I cannot recommend Rosaleen enough!

I met Rosaleen after the ending of what was quite a toxic and dysfunctional relationship.

Through QTT Rosaleen supported me in getting to the bottom of why I stayed in something that was so bad for me for so long as well helping me release the negative feelings and cut the ties to it.

I cannot recommend Rosaleen enough, the support she gave me during what was a very challenging time in my life will not be forgotten.

DF // Client

I decided to try QTT for anxiety. I was starting to feel quite scared on a daily basis of simple tasks and even driving down the road.

From the first session I felt a shift in my mind that started to really put things into perspective. Thoughts that I still carry with me now, I know that if I begin to feel nervous of something, I can rationalise it like I couldn’t before.

I would highly recommend trying QTT with Rosaleen. It has helped me a lot. She makes you feel very relaxed and she is very understanding. Something that I didn’t feel from others when I would have anxiety

sas //  Client

I'm forever thankful...

I have gone to Rosaleen over the years for massage, so when I found that anxiety and feeling of dread coming over me and was getting too much, I decided to take some advice and try QTT with Rosaleen. 

I didn’t expect to have any major change as I’d the black heaviness sitting with me a long time but the thing I remember whan I finished my first QTT session and opened my eyes was that I asked Rosaleen if she turned on the lights. She gave me a huge smile and told me that I had myself. She just steered me in the right direction.

QTT and Rosaleen has also thought me ways to manage days when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m forever thankful to Rosaleen and would recommend QTT and any treatment from her.

SS  //  Client

I cannot recommend Rosaleen enough!

There have been some areas of my life which I have been unhappy with for some time and after a long period of thinking I decided to take action and that is where Rosaleen comes in.

I can't say that I was initially very optimistic about it making any big changes, but that is where I was wrong. QTT is very uninvasive and personal, all that is needed is personal honesty and a will to be open to the possibility of change. I left my first section a bit shocked with the emotional feeling of letting go something you have been holding on to for so long it doesn't seem possible it can just be gone.

After time that void was filled with acceptance and love, I still don't really understand how it works but after a few sessions I have moved on in so many areas of my life both personally and in business, I have to question why I waited so long.

I cannot recommend Rosaleen enough she has helped to change the way I think and improved my life immensely

Julie Callaghan // Client

I would recommend QTT to anyone who doesn’t want to hold onto any old baggage or negative energy. All I can say is, that it works. I feel so much lighter and brighter!

FS //  Client

"Skilfully matched to my presenting needs"

I've been attending Rosaleen for many years now, availing of expert treatments which are always skilfully matched to my presenting needs. Rosaleen possesses all the quality finesse that you could hope to find in a therapist balanced with the character of a beautiful soul. 

G Mc H// Client